Go and Buy Cards Against Humanity Locally. Now!

Warning: The following text may contain an attempt at black (or white) humour to sell this amazing card game.

Have you got the wits, dark humour, and downright wretched personality to play and win at cards against humanity. If your answer is yes then read on, but be warned. For after you play this game your friends will disown you, your family won’t be able to look you in the eye and you will never be able to look at a serious situation with a straight face again. But hey, at least you will have more fun than you should legally be allowed. So let me tell you why you should buy cards against humanity locally, at your nearest game shop. Right now!

Cards against humanity Is a game for nasty people. Thats why I play it and admit it, thats why you’re going to play it to. In the black, minimalist box you will get a set of cards. Some will be white and some will be black. Nice and simple so far. Each round a player will select a black card and it will have a question on it. For example, a question could be: What should we do about 3rd world hunger? The next step is for every other player to draw a white card from their hand to try and answer the question with the most humours result possible. And this is where your evil psychopathic side you have been hiding comes out to play.

So for example you could answer the question with the white card “we could stop giving a sh*t” or “send Mcdonalds over there.” As you can probably imagine other answers can get, how can I put this, far more vulgar. Among other things.

The funnier the answer the better as points are scored for the funniest answer and then awarding 1 point to the person who gave it.

Each player then takes their turn to answer a question until the deck is completed. Points are added up and the player with the most is declared the winner. If such a thing can exist in a game like this.

Only your imagination and how low you wish to sink will stop you in producing some downright distasteful, politically incorrect answers. With hundreds of cards in the box the laughters not stopping any time soon.

So dont delay, get up and show the world just how bad you are and buy cards Against humanity locally now. You will regret it. In all the right ways

6 Effects of Bad Sleep Habits and How to Remedy the Situation

Having enough sleep is very critical to the overall development of the body and mind. Unfortunately, because of a variety of reasons, many people fail to get enough sleep and a result experience a host of health problems. Children and adolescents require enough sleep for growth and development as most growth hormones are released during this time.

Sleep deprivation is a very serious problem that affects millions of people around the world. Two of the most common symptoms that result from lack of sleep include feeling grumpy and lacking energy to work out even the simplest of tasks. Simply put, your brain stops functioning properly thus affecting your cognitive and emotional state. However, continued sleep deprivation leads to the development of serious health problems. Your body defense mechanism is greatly affected exposing you to the risk of developing chronic illnesses.

Some of the chronic ailments resulting from effects of bad sleep include:


If you lack enough sleep for a continued period of time, then you are likely going to gain weight and risk developing diabetes. This is because your body produces less leptin, a hormone that makes you feel full.

Depression and Anxiety

Sleep deprivation can cause irritability, which may develop into long term mental health problems such as depression and anxiety


Studies show that people who sleep for less than five hours for a prolonged period of time have a high risk of developing diabetes. This is a result of the body’s natural way of processing glucose getting altered.

Lack of sex drive

Lack of enough quality sleep has been linked to lower libido in both males and females

Heart disease

The Long- standing problem of lack of enough sleep can cause increased heart beat and high blood pressure, thus causing the development of a myriad of heart ailments.

Impaired fertility

Sleep deprivation also leads to decreased secretion of reproductive hormone, causing impaired fertility in both male and females.

How much sleep do I need on a daily basis?

Doctors recommend that you have enough quality sleep for proper functioning of the body and mind. Generally, eight hours is enough for your body to function optimally during the day. If you find yourself lacking focus, concentration, feeling tired and longing for a nap, then you probably did not get enough sleep. In a nutshell, lack of sleep is mainly attributed to the bad sleeping habit that people have.

How to get enough sleep

There is no magic bullet to remedying the situation of people who suffer from effects of bad sleep. If you are suffering from this problem, then it is imperative that you begin changing your lifestyle in order to get more sleep. It won’t happen in a day, but continued improvement in your sleeping patterns will help you overcome this problem. Getting more sleep and eliminating caffeinated drinks at bed time are some of the most effective way of dealing with sleep deprivation . Having a great mattress is also a must if you are wanting to get quality sleep.  A quality memory foam mattress topper is a cheap solution.  Ultimately, enough sleep will help you avoid immediate and chronic effects caused by sleep deprivation.

What You Need To Know About Great Dane Puppies

Great Danes are beautiful and loyal dogs and if yours has just had a litter of Great Dane puppies, or you are thinking of getting one for the first time, there are some things you should know. While this breed of dog was once used for hunting large animals, its aggressive instincts have been removed if good breeding is done. Great Danes are considered wonderful family dogs.


When getting a puppy of this breed, you should be aware that they grow very fast. You can literally go to bed and wake up the next morning and see visible growth with your new puppy. In as little as 10 months to a year, your new puppy will grow from something you can hold in one hand, into a dog that when it stands on its hind legs will be eye to eye with a six feet tall person.


It is recommended with most puppies that you should give them a blend of high protein puppy food to help them grow. This should not be done with Great Dane puppies. Their growth is so rapid that any aid in growth could lead to joint problems for your puppy.


You should also not over feed this breed. Although they grow to be one of the largest dogs there are, they eat a lot less than you would expect. A full grown Dane will eat only around two or three cups of dry dog food for one meal. Even after your puppy grows to a dog, you should be careful not to feed them too much protein. With your new Great Dane puppy, you should be especially careful with this.


To create a long-lasting, loving relationship with these special friends please see whatwerx.wix.com/greatdanepuppies  for an exciting selection of young pups.


An adult Great Dane can safely consume around 23% of protein each day. A puppy should get as little as 15% to 20%. But it is best to consult with your vet to make sure you do what is best for your particular puppy.


Most often, Great Danes are extremely gentle despite their size and strength. But as they grow from puppy into adult dog there is a period when they have the mind of a puppy and the size and strength of an adult dog. During this period it is strongly recommended that you do not leave any small children with the young dog. Their playful excitement and size could lead to a tragic accident.


It should also be noted that new evidence shows that Great Danes are susceptible to death by anxiety. It is a dog that needs lots of love and affection by its owner. If your Great Dane is left alone too much, it could develop something called bloat, that can lead to death. Ask your vet how to avoid this.